Level 1

☀ Potion - You are able to use potions!

☀ Sneak - You crouch into the shadows.

☀ Jump - You jump into the air! :CD 8s

☀ Smoke - You completely disappear from view. :CD 25s

☀ Daze - Target is afflicted with nausea, dealing damage over time. :CD 20s

☀ Lacerate - Deal two to four times true damge to target enemy. :CD 20s

☀ Sprint - You gain a burst of speed for 10s. :CD 30s

☀ Disarm - Attempt to disarm the target with a 70% chance of success.

Level 10

☀ SuperJump - You launch into the air, and float safely to the ground. :CD 1.5 min

Level 20

☀ DeathFromAbove - For 15s, deals your fall damage times 1.2 to players within 10 blocks of you. :CD 60s

Level 30

☀ Flicker - You become invisible every 2s for 6s. :CD 60s

Level 40

☀ Cloak - Gives you and nearby party members within 10 blocks invisibility for 12s. :CD 5 mins


Best Weapon Damage:  

- Diamond Sword


- Leather

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