Skill Cooldown Description
Sludge 6 sec You strike the target with a blast of earth, dealing 25 magic damage.
Earthwall 10 sec Create a wall of Earth up to 5 blocks in front of you.
EarthToss 15 sec You crumble earth around your target to deal 15 magic damage and shove your target away from you!
Tremor 20 sec You strike the ground with a powerful tremor, hitting all enemies within 5 blocks. Enemies hit by the tremor are dealt 35 magic damage and knocked back a great distance!
EarthPulse 30 sec You cause a pulse of earth to launch in a 90 degree arc in front of you, dealing 25 magic damage and slowing enemies hit for 5 seconds.
GroundSmash 60 sec You launch into the air and smash into the ground! Enemies in a 10 radius of the landing are dealt 40 magic damage.

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