Skill Cooldown Description
Illuminate 6 sec You relieve your target, restoring 30 of their health and removing any blind effects they may have. You are only healed for 15 health from this ability.
Consecration 10 sec You mark the ground with holy power, dealing 5 magic damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds to enemies within 5 blocks and slowing them!
Lightwell 12 sec A glimmer of holy power wells up beneath you, restoring 10 health to party members within 5 blocks every 1 second(s) for 5 seconds. You are only healed for 5 health per tick from this ability.
Fervor 20 sec You increase the melee and bow damage of yourself and party members within 10 blocks by an additional 50% for 12 seconds!
Piety 60 sec You increase the magic damage of party members within 10 blocks by an additional 15% for 15 seconds! This ability has no effect on yourself.
LayHands 60 sec You restore your target to full health! You are only healed for 50% of your maximum health from this ability if self-cast.

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