Order of the White Hand
Nation: Valora
Leader: Eroglas Whitehand
Status: Political Organization
Members: Initiates


In the Second and Third ages, the nation of Sahrem had exercised great power and control over the continent of Ithanica. Their previously uncontested display of strength was said to have been a direct result of the financial decline of Valora in the years leading up to the Great Severance of Nations.

Those who opposed the power of the sahrid put their faith in a rising political figure by the name of Eroglas Whitehand. Whitehand made his first public appearance on the 16th of Iceshard, a sacred day, during which the first snowfall of the season begins. In the capital city of Enuia, several mages cloaked in white and blue garb had setup a display in the main square, where the annual festivals were taking place. With their cries of injustice, they were able to recruit many to their cause. To this day, they spread their ideals through forked tongues, cloaked behind walls of shadow.

The organization is secretive and deceptive, and few know of its true intentions. Many citizens who have heard the tales of the order assume it is a council of vaelari frost wizards attempting to balance the current political power and restore order.

The actual purpose of the order is known to a select few in the upper council. These councilmen took direct orders from Whitehand himself, while he lived. The Order's main goal was, and still remains, to overthrow the current governments of both Valora and Sahrem, and reign over the lands amidst the chaos.

Eroglas Whitehand died roughly one year before the Great Severance of Nations, perishing from his own curse of eternal ice.

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