Skill Cooldown Description
Curse 4 sec You deal $1 §3§lmagic §fdamage to the target, slowing them and reducing their §a§lhealing §fby $2% for $3 seconds.
Agony 20 sec You suppress your enemy with unholy magic, dealing $1 §3§lmagic §fdamage and silencing them for 2.5 seconds.
ManaBurn 12 sec You emit a wave of unholy magic to your target and all enemies within $1 blocks of that target. Enemies hit by the wave will lose $2 mana over $3 seconds!
Web 15 sec You conjure a web around your target that will hinder them and any nearby targets for $1 seconds.
MindSear 20 sec You cast an unholy spell on all enemies within $1 blocks for $2 seconds. During this time, they are rooted, blinded and nauseated. The effect is removed on damage.
SoulSpike 60 sec Impales the target's soul with a spike of negative energy, casting them into a soul shaken state for $1 seconds, dealing $2 damage. $3 $4

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