Skill Cooldown Description
BoneSpear 4 sec Launch a spear of bone in front of you. The spear will travel up to 20 blocks, pass through enemies, and damage all targets hit for 20 damage.
Decay 20 sec You disease your target dealing 20 disease damage over 10 seconds.
Terror 12 sec You terrify your target, impairing their movement and disabling them for 3 seconds.
Famine 15 sec Cause a wave of famine to your target and all enemies within 5 blocks of that target. Famine causes all affected targets to lose 100 stamina over 5 seconds.
Web 20 sec You conjure a web around your target.
SoulSpike 60 sec Impales the target's soul with a spike of negative energy, casting them into a soul shaken state for 5 seconds, dealing 35 damage.

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