*Recommended Level Range: [1-20]

The Mines of Miradorr is the first dungeon of Eternum. Unlike other dungeons, the mines are a no-pvp zone. This allows new players learn the game without being killed by other players. The dungeon can be accessed from its entrance in Miradorr at [-105x, 66y, 635z], or from the Miners stationed outside Al Sahar and Frosthaven.

The Mines


The first room of the mines contains Undead Miners and Livid Corpses, the handiwork of the corruption of the underworld. These mobs will drop common loot.

  • Each slain mob has a 5% chance to spawn a Warden, an elite. Elites are tougher and hit harder, but will always drop an elite common item upon their death.
  • Room one will drop only weapons, not armor.

The Den of Spiders


The second room of the mines is a den of spiders and contains Shade Spiders and Weavers. These mobs will drop common loot.

  • Each slain mob has a 7.5% chance to spawn a Rider, an elite.
  • Room two will drop only armor, not weapons.

Grasp of the Underworld


The final room of the mines is the boss room and is home to ✸✸ Morgg. This boss has a host of abilities and allies, so adventurers beware.

  • Upon his death, the demon will always drop superior common loot.
  • Room three will drop only armor, not weapons.

Loot Chests


The mines are filled with Tier 1 Loot Chests. These chests contain the basic supplies necessary for new players, such as arrows, food, and basic building materials.

  • Tier 1 Chests respawn every 5 minutes

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