Skill Cooldown Description
Blitz 6 sec Strike your target with a blitz of lightning, dealing 20 damage to the target.
ShockingStrike 12 sec Deliver a shocking strike to your target, dealing 35 physical damage and interrupting their casting.
LightningRod 20 sec Your target becomes an excellent conductor of electricity, taking 50% more magic damage from all sources!
ChainLightning 25 sec Strikes lightning at target location, dealing 30 damage. Every 2 seconds, the spell will attempt to bounce to another player within 5 blocks, dealing 75% damage on bounce. Every successive hit will decrease the caster's cooldown of this skill by 1 second(s).
Megabolt 60 sec Calls down multiple bolts of lightning on your target, dealing 50 damage to them and all enemies within 5 blocks.

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