Skill Cooldown Description
Siphon 6 sec Strike your target with dark power, dealing 15 magical damage and restoring 15 of your own health.
DreadAura 5 sec Emit an Aura of Dread. While active, every 3 seconds you damage all enemies within 5 blocks for 3 dark damage, and are healed for 100% of damage dealt. Requires 0 mana to activate, 10 mana per tick to maintain this effect, and you cannot heal more than 10 health in a single instance.
MortalWound 15 sec You strike your target reducing healing by 50%, and causing them to bleed for 20 damage over 5 seconds.
Reckoning 20 sec Reckon all enemies within 10 blocks, dealing 15 damage and pulling them towards you. Reckoned targets are slowed for 5 seconds.
UndyingWill 60 sec You are overcome with an undying will to survive. You cannot be killed for the next 5 seconds.

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