Skill Cooldown Description
Fireball 4 sec You shoot a ball of fire that deals 25 damage.
Fireblast 10 sec You strike a location within 7 blocks of you with a blast of fire. An enemy within the explosion will be dealth 35 damage and will be knocked away from the blast.
InfernoFlash 12 sec Teleport you up to 5 blocks away in a fiery flash!
DragonsBreath 20 sec You unleash the furious breath of a dragon in front of you, up to 3 blocks. Target(s) hit will be dealt 50 fire damage.
GreatCombustion 60 sec Unleash a mass of condensed flame in front of you, striking up to 3 blocks away. An enemy within 3 blocks of the explosion will be dealt 75 damage and will be stunned for 1 second(s).

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