Building a Kingdom

Building a town costs 250.00 Mira. Type /t new <townname>. It is recommended that new players use the /needtown command and join another player's town when starting out on the server.

Towns are protected from griefing by other players, and you can return to your town with /t spawn.

Towns grow in size as mayors claim plots with /plot claim. A town starts out with 2 plots and gains 2 additional plots per member. Towns can also purchase a maximum of 10 extra plots for 25.00 Mira each with /t buy bonus <amount>. Towns that have declared allegiance to a nation will receive a bonus of 10 plots!

Towns all have upkeep, or a real-time daily cost to maintain the town. This upkeep is equal to (2.50 Mira x Number of CLAIMED plots), i.e., a town that holds 100 plots but has only claimed one will STILL only pay 2.50 Mira per day.

Nations Leaders

Nation leaders are responsible for leading their nation in war. Nation leaders receive all Spoils of War at the close of the event, and it is their responsibility to distribute the spoils as they see fit.

Current Nation Leaders -

King of Thaedra

Sorothar Lothori - (Sorothar)

Steward of Valaris

Aldous Dayne - (KingofMyCraft)

Warlord(s) of Felmar

Talius Uuthron - (Tater120)

Learis Stormborn - (Verminouscoder)


Towny War is a system that allows nations to fight and earn points for a chance to win the Spoils of War! Towny War will take place every other Sunday for 1 hour at 4:00 pm EST. Also remember that ONLY TOWNS ALLIED TO A NATION partake in war. If your town is neutral, you will be exempt from war.

Towny war is based off of a points system:

[+1] point per kill on enemy nation member!

[+4] points per enemy plot captured!

[+20] points for capturing/knocking out a town from the war!

[+100] points from eliminating an entire nation from the war!

Capturing plots can be accomplished by standing in them while no members of the enemy town are in the plot as well. Normal plots have 50hp and home plots have 100hp. One damage is dealt every 3 seconds to the plot. You can only capture outer plots and work your way in! Town plots' health can be restored at the same rate it is depleted if no enemy players are standing in the plot (you can defend your plots). Once a home plot is captured, the entire town is knocked out of the war. Capturing plots does not allow you to steal territory from other towns, but it will award you with points towards the win of the war.


At the end of the hour, the nation with the most points or the last remaining nation wins the spoils of war: 100 War Tokens. These tokens are given to the nation's leader and are then distributed among the towns of the nation. These tokens can be redeemed at the [War Vendor] NPC for unique rewards!

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