Timeline of Events

Prior to The Great Severance
A small band of rebels flee the Barrens. The Vanguard arrives on the continent of Ythanica. The construction of Genesis Port begins. Loras Thae discovers the Ulendrum.
Thaedra secedes from the Vanguard. Loras Thae is crowned the first High King of Thaedra. Eoric Valor is named the Grand Warden of the Vanguard and organizes his people into a new nation: Valaris.
29 AGS
Felmarr secedes from Valaris. Krenn Felrogg is named Chief Warlord of the nation.
30 AGS
Amicus White steals the Ulendrum from the keep of Frosthaven.
34 AGS
Amicus begins to hear whispers from Malythas (disguised as Eranor) from the Ulendrum. Cultists and Necros are recruited to form the armies of darkness.
35 AGS
The armies of darkness sail west to The Burning Isle.
36 AGS
The cultists construct the Fortress of Eranor.
38 AGS
The armies of darkness invade the realm. Frosthaven, Genesis Port, and Al Sahar are reduced to ruin. Survivors of the attacks flee to Miradorr, a port city. The Council of Eight is called upon by Grand Warden Althalos Grey. The council agrees to attack the Fortress of Eranor, and The Battle of the Burning Isle begins.
40 AGS
The Aftermath begins. Miradorr is named the capital of Valaris in honor of Althalos Grey. Frosthaven and Al Sahar begin the process of rebuilding. The Pirates Guild is granted legal impunity.

Notable Figures

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