Skill Cooldown Description
Maim 6 sec You Maim your target with your axe, dealing 15 physical damage and slowing them for 2.5 second(s).
FlyingKick 10 sec FlyingKick towards your target and deal 0 damage! (Also interrupt your enemy)
Headbutt 15 sec Headbutt your target, dealing 0 physical damage and stunning them for 1 second(s).
QuiveringPalm 20 sec Strike your target with a Quivering Palm dealing 25 damage and weakening the target, causing them to take 50% increased melee damage for 10 seconds. The strike also disorients the target, causing nausea.
TornadoKick 60 sec Unleash a Tornado Kick, dealing 35 physical damage and knocking nearby enemies within 5 blocks away from you.

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