Skill Cooldown Description
Impale 6 sec You impale your target upon your blade, dealing 20 physical damage and slowing them for 3 seconds.
Lunge 8 sec You lunge towards your target and deal 15 physical damage!
Parry 12 sec For the next 3 seconds, you parry all melee attacks!
Kick 15 sec Kick your target, dealing 15 physical damage, interrupting their casting, and silencing them for 2 seconds.
Daze 20 sec You strike your target with a crippling blow, dealing 30 physical damage and causing them to take 50% increased melee damage for 5 seconds. The strike also disorients the target, causing nausea.
BattleCry 45 sec You unleash a furious battle cry that deals 40 physical damage to all enemies within 5 blocks directly in front of you. The explosive force of the cry also stuns enemies for 2 seconds.

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