Skill Mana Cost Cooldown Description
WildGrowth 15 6 sec You replenish 15 health over 3 seconds to party members within 5 blocks. You are only healed for 7.5 health from this effect.
Entangle 25 12 sec Roots your target in place for 4 seconds. The effect breaks when the target takes damage.
WindStride 35 15 sec You and your party members gain a boost of speed for 5 seconds.
WindGale 35 20 sec You unleash strong gales of wind in front of you, up to 7 blocks. Target(s) hit will be dealt 15 damage and knocked back.
Regrowth 50 60 sec You instantly restore 60 health to your target, and then restore an additional 40 of their health over the course of 5 seconds. You are healed for half if this ability is self-cast on yourself.

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