Skill Cooldown Description
BloodBeam 4 sec Surging with blood, you fire off a beam that deals 15 magic damage to everything in its path.
BloodBond 2 sec Form a blood bond with your party. While bound, you convert 150% of your magic damage into health for you and all party members within a 10 block radius. Costs 5 mana per second to maintain the effect.
Transfuse 10 sec Converts 25 health to 50 mana.
Corruption 15 sec You corrupt the soul of your target, dealing 35 magic damage over 5 seconds.
ThickenBlood 18 sec Thicken the blood of your target, causing them to be unable to use mana for 5 seconds!
BloodBoil 60 sec Boil the blood of up to 3 enemies within 5 blocks, dealing 30 instant magic damage and an additional 45 magic damage over 6 seconds.

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