Skill Cooldown Description
BloodBeam 4 sec Surging with blood, you fire off a beam that deals $1 §3§lmagic §fdamage to everything in its path.
BloodBond 2 sec Form a blood bond with your party. While bound, you convert $1% of your §3§lmagic §fdamage into §a§lhealth §ffor you and all party members within a $2 block radius. Costs $3 mana per second to maintain the effect.
Transfuse 10 sec Converts 20 health to 40 mana.
Corruption 18 sec You corrupt the soul of your target, dealing $1 §3§lmagic §fdamage over $2 seconds.
ThickenBlood 20 sec Thicken the blood of your target, causing them to be unable to use mana for $1 seconds!
BloodBoil 60 sec Boil the blood of up to $6 enemies within $1 blocks, dealing $2 instant §3§lmagic §fdamage and an additional $3 §3§lmagic §fdamage over $4 seconds.

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