Skill Cooldown Description
IronFist 6 sec Strike the ground with an iron fist, striking all targets within 5 blocks, dealing 15 damage and knocking them away from you. Targets hit will also be slowed for 2 seconds.
ShieldReflect 10 sec Reflect incoming damage back at your attacker(s) for 4 seconds. Reflected damage is returned at a 25% rate.
HolyGrasp 20 sec You pull a target ally or enemy within a 15 block range to you.
Barrier 20 sec Create a protective barrier around yourself for 5 seconds. The barrier allows you to retaliate against all incoming melee attacks, disarming them for 3 seconds, and dealing 25% of your weapon damage to them.
Intervene 25 sec Mark your target for Intervention for the next 5 seconds. While active, if you are within 3 blocks of your target when they are attacked, you will intervene the attack, taking 75% of the damage for them.
Deliverance 60 sec Grants you and your party within 7 blocks invulnerability for 3 seconds.

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