Skill Cooldown Description
Wrath 6 sec You instill wrath to the target, dealing 20 light damage to them. Will instead deal 30 damage if the target is undead.
HolyAura 12 sec You radiate an aura of light magic, restoring 4 health per 1 second for 5 seconds to party members within 5 blocks. The spell will also deal 6 damage to undead.
Clemency 20 sec Give your party clemency for 10 seconds. While active, you restore 8 mana for party members within 5 blocks every 2 seconds.
Absolution 15 sec You restore 40 health to your target and remove DARK effects. Only heals for 20 if self targetted.
DivineStun 25 sec You stun your target for 1.5 seconds, preventing them from using skills or moving and dealing 15 damage.
Balance 60 sec On use, balances the percent max health of everyone in the party within a 7 block radius.

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