Prof - Brew Powerful Potions

"Alchemists provide the realm with a variety of different brews and concoctions. An alchemist is key for any aspiring kingdom looking for an edge in combat. Choose this profession if you wish to brew potions."

Skill Mana Cost Cooldown Description
Potion Passive - You are able to use potions!
Herbalism Passive - You have a (10% at max level) chance to harvest extra herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
Alchemy Passive - You are able to craft potions!

Available Potions

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance, Spash fire resistance

Instant Health

Instant health


Leaping,Splash leaping

Night Vision

Night vision, Splash night vision


Poison, Splash poison


Swiftness,Splash swiftness

Water Breathing

Water breathing, Splash water breathing

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