Fate of the World


Victorious, the armies sailed back to the mainland. Upon reaching Miradorr, they were faced with their greatest challenge since The Great Severance: rebuilding the world. For two years, they set upon the task of restoration. The three capital cities of the realm were reduced to ruin. There was the issue of the three factions to address, and the debt to the Pirates Guild remained.

It was resolved that the monetary debt to the pirates would be repaid over time, and all pirates were granted legal impunity. History began to repeat itself as it often does, and the temporarily united people of the realm separated into three nations once more.

In honor of Grand Warden Althalos Grey, the city of Miradorr was awarded to Valaris to serve as a new capital in the wake of the destruction of Genesis Port. The Fel and the Thaedrans returned to the ruins of their cities to rebuild their cities.

Leaders of Old

Krenn Felrogg, fearsome as he was in combat, had been slain in battle, leaving the Fel leaderless. Althalos was now an aging man. Loras had prolonged his life with arcane magic, but even he grew weary. The time for new leadership had come. Each nation was now faced with the task of selecting a new leader.

Fresh Faces

As is customary amongst the Thaedrans, High King Loras I selected his successor.

Following their customs, the Valeri held an election to determine a new Grand Warden.

A great tournament was held in the arena of Al Sahar to determine the new Chief Warlord of Felmarr. Talius Uuthron emerged the victor.

A Spreading Corruption

Unwelcome Patterns

The Second Age had begun, but not all was right in the realm. Corruption akin to the demons of Brimrock had found its way into the world once more. Valeri soldiers reported disturbances in the Mines of Miradorr. Just as it had happened the first time, the armies of darkness slowly made their presence known, waiting for their moment to reemerge.

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